U.S. Department of Energy D&D Projects

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Barnhart provided engineering of a specialized rigging system, labor and supervision to G&S Construction to install the HB4 tunnel shielding door at the High Flux Isotope Reactor. In addition, Barnhart provided crane and rigging services to to support construction and maintenance projects at the NNSA site in Oak Ridge, TN.

Barnhart worked as a subcontractor to Gem Technologies to provide labor and equipment to support the installation of structural steel in the level II mezzanine of the Target Building and to enclose the CLO Bridge at the Spallation Neutron Source Facility.

Barnhart provided labor and equipment to haul and set in place a heat recovery steam generator unit to support the Bio-Mass project.

Oak Ridge Y12 Nuclear Weapons

Working as a subcontractor to Caddell-Blaine, Barnhart provided planning support, labor and equipment to install shielding doors at the HEUMF Facility.

Barnhart also provided engineering, lift plans, hoisting and rigging services to G&S Construction in support of the Nitrogen System Upgrade project.

Hanford 300 Area

The contract with Washington Closure Hanford required heavy lift and heavy on-site transportation to support the removal of hot cells from Building 327. The procedures included wire saw-cutting of radioactive concrete test/research cells free from foundations and building structure. The 250 ton cell sections were loaded into NQA1 boxes, slid out of the building, lifted and secured to a hydraulic platform trailer, and then hauled to the on-site burial area. Barnhart has been awarded another contract to support the decontamination and decommissioning work for building 309 by Washington Closure Hanford.

This scope of work includes wire saw-cut of the reactor building beginning with a circumferential cut to allow removal of the dome section. Specialized rigging and a heavy lift crane are required to remove the dome section. Once the dome section is positioned on the ground, the polar crane will be lifted and loaded to the hydraulic platform trailer and hauled on-site for burial. The dome will be segmented and hauled to the on-site burial area using a platform trailer. Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Barnhart is working under contract to LATA Parallax to provide a 600 ton class Demag CC2600 with superlift, a platform trailer, 250 ton pull-up gantries, labor and supervision to rig, lift and haul ten 270 ton condensers from an elevated platform on building X533 to a lay down area where they are discharged and staged for demolition.

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